Tips for Buyers

1. Know your motivationAsk yourself what is important about buying now and what’s important about what you are buying for yourself and your family. Being aware of these answers will determine your success in finding what you need and getting into contract.

2. Know your budgetMore important than looking at properties, you need to determine your realistic budget. Work with a professional and experienced loan agent to get you that information. Ask for a referral from your trusted Buyer’s agent before working with a direct lender or a loan broker. Your agent will know who you can trust to guide you through the financing process.

3. Assess your needsMake a list of everything you would love to have in your dream home. Then pare the list down to what you need in your home. When you find a home that fits at least 90% of your needs or 75% or more of your wants, you probably found your ideal home. Every home is unique, and you will never find the perfect home, unless you are buying to build. The more realistic you are, the sooner you will find a home that you will be happy living in.
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